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Rules of Question Tags (Question Tag– এর ব্যবহার)

Rules of Question Tags (Question Tag– এর ব্যবহার)

Rules of Question Tags (Question Tag – Gi e¨envi)

 ** cÖ`Ë sentence Affirmative n‡j Negative Ki‡Z n‡e | Negative n‡j Affirmative Ki‡Z n‡e |

** cÖ`Ë sentence AcwiewZ©Z _vK‡e + comma (,) + Question Tags + cÖ`Ë Subject Gi pronun + Question mark (?)


hw` statement - wU Auxiliary verb (‘Be verb/ Do verb/ Modal verb) w`‡q MwVZ nq | Z‡e Question Tag –G Auxiliary verb Gi mv‡_ not Gi mswÿß iƒc e¨envi Ki‡Z n‡e|


Q.  Cats catch rats randomly, don’t they?               Q. You, he and I are responsible, aren’t we?

Q. You and he are trying a lot, aren’t they?            Q. I am a student, aren’t I?

Q. Tina is a tall girl, isn’t she?                               Q. Reza likes tea, doesn’t he?

Q. Munia does not like tea, does she?                    Q. Birds can fly, can’t they?

Q. He will not come, will he?                                 Q. They were wrong, weren’t they?

Q. I am too late, aren’t I?                                        Q. I am not guilty, am I?

Q. He read the novel, didn’t he?                            Q. He reads the novel, doesn’t he?

Q. I read the novel, don’t I/ didn’t I?                     Q. For the boys the task was easy, wasn’t it?

Q. For you she did all, didn’t she?                        Q. The presence of you is certain, isn’t it?  

Q. We all long for happiness, don’t we?

** Headword Abyhvqx verb nq |


Auxiliary verb “have verb” (have/ has/ had) †K British and American Dfq fv‡eB e¨envi Kiv hvq

British Use:

Q. He has no pen, has he?                                                   Q. I have a car, haven’t I?

Q. He had no friends, had he?

American Use:

Q. Mity has no friends, does she?                                     Q. I have a car, don’t I?

Q. He had a lot of wealth, didn’t he?


hLb statement wU present perfect tense G _v‡K, ZLb Question Tag G mvnvh¨Kvix verb wn‡m‡e have/ has/ haven’t/ hasn’t e¨eüZ nq |


Q. I have done it for you, haven’t I?                                 Q. He has passed the exam, hasn’t he?

আরো পড়তে ক্লিক করুন নিচের লিংকে

বিভিন্ন চাকরীর পরীক্ষায় আসা গুরুত্বপূর্ণ Idioms & Phrases


** Used to ev‡K¨i Auxiliary verb wn‡m‡e e¨eüZ n‡j Question Tag G didn’t/ usedn’t e‡m |

** Ought to _vK‡j Tag question G oughtn’t/ shouldn’t n‡e |

Q. He used to walk every morning, didn’t he?                Q. I used to play football, didn’t I?

Q. We ought to go, shouldn’t we/ oughtn’t we?


Noun Gi mv‡_ s/ es _vK‡j Noun Plural nq Ges Verb Gi mv‡_ s/ es _vK‡j verb singular nq |

Q. Universities close at 5 PM, don’t they?


hw` Sentence “need” Modal verb wn‡m‡e e¨eüZ nq Z‡e Question Tag G mvnvh¨Kvix verb wn‡m‡e need/ needn’t e¨envi Kiv nq | wKš‘ need hw` main verb wn‡m‡e e¨eüZ nq Z‡e do/ does/ don’t/ doesn’t e¨eüZ nq |


Q. I need go there, needn’t I?                                

Q. I need to go there, don’t I?

Q. I need a pen, don’t I?


mvaviYZ Imperative sentence Gi Question Tag G will you/ won’t you? e‡m |

** Imperative sentence wU Negative n‡jI Gi Question Tag G will you?


Q.  Please, give me a glass of water, will you/ won’t you?        Q. Work hard, will you/ won’t you?

Q. Wait here till 4 PM, will you/ won’t you?                               Q. Don’t smoke here, will you?

Q. Don’t spit here, will you?                                                          Q. Come in, won’t you?     

Q. Please, put on the fan, will you/ won’t you?                           Q. Have a cup of tea, won’t you?

আরো পড়তে ক্লিক করুন নিচের লিংকে

Job Preperation ।। ইংরেজি এবং বাংলা প্রবাদবাক্য || Bangla and English Proverbs


Imperative Sentence wU Let us/ Let’s w`‡q ïiæ n‡j Shall we n‡e |

wKš‘ Imperative Sentence wU Let me/ him/ her/ them w`‡q ïiæ nq Zvn‡j Will you/ won’t you n‡e | Z‡e best answer n‡e won’t you.

Note: Verb + you = don’t I/ don’t we?

Q. Let’s go there, shall we?                                                Q. Let me do it, will you?/ won’t you?

Q. Go there, will you?/ won’t you?                       Q. Thank you, don’t I/ don’t we?

.Q. Thank them, will you?/ won’t you?                Q. Hand me the keys, will you? won’t you?


hw` statement wU Exclamatory sentence nq Zvn‡j Question Tag n‡e Assertive sentence Gi wbqg Abyhvqx | A_v©r Auxiliary verb + subject + ?.


Q. How nice the sight is, isn’t it?

Q. What a beautiful sunset, isn’t it?


** Statement- G hw` had better/ had rather _v‡K Zvn‡j hadn’t e¨eüZ nq |

** would rather _vK‡j wouldn’t e¨eüZ nq


a) You had better take rest, hadn’t you?

b) I would rather resign, wouldn’t I?


Statement- G hw` `ywU Auxiliary verb _v‡K Zvn‡j Question Tag -G cÖ_g Auxiliary verb wU †bIqv nq |


Q. You should have done it, shouldn’t you?

Q. It has been raining since morning, hasn’t It?

Q. They’ve had two children, haven’t they?

আরো পড়তে ক্লিক করুন নিচের লিংকে

Transformation of sentences


Statement – G A‡bK mgq Auxiliary verb wUi Contracted form emvq Avgiv Auxiliary verb wUi cÖK…Ziƒc eyS‡Z cvwi bv | †m‡ÿ‡Î main verb wU †`‡L Auxiliary verb Gi iƒc wbY©q Ki‡Z nq | ZviciI Is Ges Was m¤ú©‡K confusion ‡_‡K hvq |

** He’d = had/ would                      ** had + V3               ** would + V1


Q. He’d do it, wouldn’t he?                                               

Q. Mity’s gone there, hasn’t she?

Q. He’d gone there, hadn’t he?                             

Q. Mity’s going to market, isn’t she?/ wasn’t she?

Q. He’d go there, wouldn’t he?/ Shouldn’t he?/ couldn’t he?

Q. He’d cut his fingers, hadn’t he/ wouldn’t he/ shouldn’t he/ couldn’t he?


Everybody/ anybody/ somebody/ nobody/ everyone/ someone/ anyone/ no one / none/ neither (The + Adjective) BZ¨vw` Øviv Sentence ïiæ n‡j, Question Tag Gi subject wn‡m‡e they em‡e |

Q. The wise are affable, aren’t they?                    Q. Nobody was there, were they?

Q. Somebody wanted a drink, didn’t they?          Q. Everybody loves an honest man, don’t they?

Q. Every mother loves her child, don’t they?      Q. None can help me, can they?

Q. Nobody was present there, were they?                        Q. Someone can do this, can’t they?

Q. Nobody will hurt you, will they?                      Q. Nobody here likes that kind of music, do they?

Q. Everyone was absent, weren’t they?


Sentence G hardly, barely, rarely, scarcely, seldom, rare, neither, few, little, etc. k㸇jv negative A_© †`q | GRb¨ G‡`i c‡i tag question positive n‡e |

Q. A barking dog seldom bites, does it?                         Q. Few People were present there, were they?

Q. She rarely remembers her past, does she?                Q. There’s little we can do about it, is there?

Q. My friend has little money left in his pocket, has he? 


Statement G Subject wn‡m‡e hw` Everything, Anything, Something, Nothing BZ¨vw` e¨eüZ nq, Zvn‡j Question Tag Gi subject n‡e “It”


Q. Everything is valuable, isn’t it?                                    Q. Nothing brings nothing, does it?

Q. Everything is right, isn’t it?


Allah, God, There, here, one, this, that, these, those, it etc. subject Øviv Sentence ïiæ n‡j tag -G D³ kã mg~n Subject nq |


Q. One cannot live alone, can one?                       Q. One can prosper by hard work, can’t one?

Q. There is something wrong, isn’t there?            Q. This is a pen, isn’t this?

Q. These are pens, aren’t these?


Statement G Subject wn‡m‡e hw` BZi cÖvYx, wkï ev Ro c`v_© _v‡K, Zvn‡j Question Tag Gi subject n‡e ‘It’.


Q. The dog is a faithful animal, isn’t it?

Q. The baby is crying, isn’t it?


‡`k, Pvu`, c„w_ex, †Uªb, RvnvR, wegvb, emšÍKvj‡K Feminine Gender ev ¯¿x wj½ wn‡m‡e MY¨ Kiv nq | ZvB G¸‡jv hw` Statement Gi Subject wn‡m‡e e¨eüZ nq, Zvn‡j Question Tag Gi subject n‡e ‘she’| Z‡e ‘It’ I e¨envi Kiv hvq |


Q. The moon looks nice, doesn’t she/ it?

Q. The Tatanic went down, didn’t she/ it?


Sun, summer, death, winter, war BZ¨vw` Masculine Gender wn‡m‡e MY¨ Kiv nq | ZvB G¸‡jv hw` Statement Gi Subject wn‡m‡e e¨eüZ nq, Zvn‡j Question Tag Gi subject n‡e ‘he’ | Z‡e ‘It’ I e¨envi Kiv hvq |


Q. The sun is rising, isn’t he/ it?

Q. The summer has set in, hasn’t he/ hasn’t it/ doesn’t it/ doesn’t he?


Material Noun or Abstract Noun hw` Statement Gi Subject nq, Zvn‡j Question Tag Gi subject n‡e ‘It’.


Q. Kindness is a great virtue, isn’t it?

Q. Water has no colour, has it?/ does it?


hw` Collective Noun - Statement Gi Subject wn‡m‡e e¨eüZ n‡q mevB‡K GKmv‡_ eySvq Zvn‡j Question Tag Gi subject n‡e ‘It’. wKš‘ hw` Avjv`v Avjv`v eySvq Zvn‡j Question Tag Gi subject n‡e ÕThey’


Q. The jury has given an opinion, hasn’t it?

Q. The jury are divided in their opinion, aren’t they


Complex Sentence Gi †ÿ‡Î mvaviYZ Principal Clause ‡_‡K Question Tag Kiv nq | Complex Sentence G Co-ordinating Conjunction ev‡K¨i gvSLv‡b _vK‡jI Principal Clause Gi Verb I Subject Abyhvqx Question Tag MVb Ki‡Z n‡e |


Q. If Mity wants, I will help her, won’t I?       

Q. I know that she is honest, don’t I?

Q. I know she is honest, isn’t she?                                   

Q. When they go there, I will meet them, won’t I?

Q. It is found that he had done it, isn’t it?                   

Q. You may fail unless you work hard, mayn’t you?

Q. When we arrived, they had gone home, hadn’t they?

Q. Kuakata was the place we went for that rainy vacation, wasn’t it?

Q. Although/ though Zahid was tired, he continued working on his project, didn’t he?


Compound Sentence Gi †ejvq 2q Clause Gi Verb I Subject Abyhvqx Question Tag MVb Ki‡Z n‡e |


Q. Rana is gentle but her cousins are naughty, aren’t they?


A‡bK mgq Complex Sentence Gi †ÿ‡Î KLbI KLbI 1g clause hw` wKQz verb ‡hgb: (think, feel, hope, guess, believe, see, agree, means) _v‡K Ges that Dn¨ _v‡K Zvn‡j Question Tag MVb Kivi mgq 2q clause Gi Verb I Subject Abyhvqx Question Tag MVb Ki‡Z n‡e |

** Z‡e that D‡jøL _vK‡j 1g clause Gi Verb I Subject Abyhvqx Question Tag MVb Ki‡Z n‡e |


Q. I hope you will come, won’t you?

Q. I hope you that will come, don’t I?

Q. I think they are inactive, aren’t they?

Q. I think that they are inactive, don’t I?     


Subject wn‡m‡e None of, Many of, Most of, Any of, Some of BZ¨vw` e¨w³ †evSv‡j They welqe¯‘ †evSv‡j It e‡m |

Q. None of the problems can be solved, can it?

Q. Most of the people knew it before, didn’t they?


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