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Job Preparation || বিভিন্ন চাকরীর পরীক্ষায় আসা গুরুত্বপূর্ণ Idioms & Phrases

Job Preparation || বিভিন্ন চাকরীর পরীক্ষায় আসা গুরুত্বপূর্ণ  Idioms & Phrases

বিভিন্ন চাকরীর পরীক্ষায় আসা গুরুত্বপূর্ণ  

Idioms Phrases

বাংলা অর্থসহ 


1.  A bed of roses (ফুলসজ্জা, সুখকর অবস্থা):

     - Life is not a bed of roses.

2.  A black sheep (কুলাঙ্গার):

    - Every family has a black sheep.

3.  A castle in the air (আকাশ কুসুম কল্পনা):

     - Only fools can build castle in the air.

4.  A cock and bull story (আজগুবি গল্প):

     - His cock and bull story cannot influence me.

5.  A far cry (বিশাল ব্যবধান/ পার্থক্য):

     - This flat is a far cry from the house they had before.

6.  A fish out of water (অস্বস্তিকর অবস্থা):

     - My condition is just like a fish out of water.

7.  A fool’s paradise (বোকার স্বর্গ):

     - Nobody should live in a fool’s paradise.

8.  A lot of (প্রচুর):

     - There are a lot of a dangerous drivers in our country.

9.  A man of letters (বিদ্বান/ পণ্ডিত ব্যক্তি):

     - My grandfather was a man of letter.

10.  A man of straw (দুর্বল চিত্তের লোক):

     - A man of straw never wins a race.

11.  A man of words (এক কথার লোক):

     - I am a man of words.

12.  A rainy day (দুর্দিন):
     - A wise man saves something for a rainy day.

13.  A snake in the grass (গোপন শত্রু):

     - A snake in the grass is very dangerous.

14.  A trying time (কঠিন সময়):

     - After flood, we are passing through a trying time.

15.  A verbose speech (বাগাড়ম্বরপূর্ণ বক্তৃতা):

     - A verbose speech is not fruitful at all.

16.  All at once (হঠাৎ):

     - All at once the baby began to cry.

17.  all in (পরিশ্রান্ত):

     - I felt all in after the meeting.

18.  All in all (সর্বেসর্বা):

     - Nobody is all in all now-a-days.

19.  Apple of discord (বিবাদের মূল):

     - A piece of land was the apple of discord between two countries.

20.  As good as (বলতে গেলে):

     - My children are as good as gold.

21.  As much as (যত দূর সম্ভব):

     - I will do as much as I can.

 22.  At all costs (যে কোনো মূল্যে):

     - We must at all costs catch the 7.30 train.

23.  At arm’s length (নিরাপদ দূরত্বে):

     - We should keep bad boys at arm’s length.

24.  At home (দক্ষ):

     - He is at home in English.

25.  At sixes and sevens (এলোমেলো):

     - I found all my books on the table at sixes and sevens.

26.  At stake ( বিপন্ন):

     - My life is at stake now.

27.  At the eleventh hour (শেষ মুহূর্তে):

     - They arrived at the station at the eleventh hour.

28.  ABC (প্রাথমিক জ্ঞান):

     - He has no a little ABC on the computer.

29.  Abound in (ভরপুর থাকা):

     - Fishes abound in our pond.

30.  Aware of (সচেতন):

     - Anower is aware of the fect.

31.  Abide by (মেনে চলা):

     - You should abide by your teacher’s advice.

32.  A close – fisted man (কৃপণ ব্যক্তি):

     - I have not seen a close-fisted man like him.

33.  At a stretch (একটানা):

     - The Young boy can run 10 miles at a stretch.

34.  Acid test (অগ্নি পরীক্ষা):

- This viva is acid test for me.

35.  A vicious circle (দুষ্টুচক্র):

     – We all are trapped in a vicious circle.

36.  A bird brain (খারাপ প্রকৃতির লোক):

     - Her brother is a real bird brain.

37.  A white lie (ডাহা মিথ্যা):

     - That he was an honest man was a white lie.

38.  At a loss (হতবুদ্ধি):

     - I was at a loss to hear my secret from my foe.



1.  Bag and baggage (তল্পিতল্পাসহ):

     - He left the place bag and baggage.

2.  Benefit of the doubt (সন্দেহাবসর):

     - The thief got the benefit of the doubt.

3.  Bill of fare (মেনু, খাদ্য তালিকা):

     -Please show me the bill of fare.

4. Black and white (লিখিতভাবে):

     - We charged against him in black and white.

5.  Blue blood (অভিজাত):

     - Man should not boast of his blue blood.

6.  Blue chips (নিরাপদ বিনিয়োগ):

     - Garment industry is considered to be a blue chip.

7. Bolt from the blue (বিনা মেঘে বজ্রপাত):

     - The news of his father’s death came to him as a bolt from the blue.

8. Bon Voyage (শুভ সফর, সফর শুভ হোক):

     - Bon Voyage, see you again.

9.  Bottom line (গুরুত্বপূর্ণ বিষয়):

     - The bottom line is that we need more money to run the project.

10.  Bread and butter (জীবিকা):

     - He took agriculture as his bread and butter.

11.  Bring to book (শাস্তি দেয়া):

     - He was brought to book for stealing money.

12.  Bull market (তেজি বাজার):

     :- It is always risky to invest in a bull market.

13.  By and large (অধিকাংশ, মোটের উপর):

     :- By and large they are happy couples.

14.  By no means (কোনো ভাবেই না):

     :- He can by no means help me.

15.  Black and blue (প্রচণ্ড প্রহার):

     :- The teacher whipped the boy black and blue.

16.  By virtue of (বলে):

     :- I am a member on the committee by virtue of my seniority.

17.  Bad blood (শত্রুতা):

     :- There has been bad blood between two families for years.

18.  By dint of (বলে):

     :- The man became successful in his life by dint of hard labour.

19.  By the by (প্রসঙ্গক্রমে):

     :- By the by, how is your preparation going?

20.  Below the mark (নিম্নমানের নিচে):

     :- His performance was below the mark.

21.  Blind alley (কানাগলি):

     :- There is a blind alley between buildings. 


1.  Call it a day (কাজ বন্ধ করা):

     :- Let us call it a day and go home.

2.  Capital punishment (মৃত্যুদণ্ড):

     :- Many people do not support capital punishment.

30.  Carry coals to Newcastle (তেলা মাথায় তেল দেয়া):

     :- The government is now carrying coals to Newcastle.

4.  Carry the day (জয় করা, মন জয় করা):

     :- I hope you will be able to carry day for us.

5.  Cats and dogs (মুষলধারে);

     :- It is raining cats and dogs all the day.

6.  Come into force (কার্যকরী হওয়া):

     :- The ordinance comes into force at once.

7.  Come to terms (আপোস করা):

     :- The two groups could not force at once.

8.  Crocodile tears (মায়াকান্না):

     :-  Only Heartless men and women can shed crocodile tears.

9.  Crying need (বিশেষ প্রয়োজন):

     :- Female education is a crying need for our country.

10.  Cast a spell (জাদু করা):

     :- He never fails to cast a spell over the traveler.

11.  Come round (সুস্থ হওয়া):

     :-  The patient has come round from his disease.

12.  Come across (হঠাৎ সাক্ষাৎ পাওয়া):

     :- I came across my old friend in the train.

13.  Crises-cross (আঁকাবাঁকা):

     :- There was a crises-cross of wires inside the box.


 1.  Day dream (আকাশ-কুসুম কল্পনা, দিবা স্বপ্ন):

    :- Many Young girls waste their time in day dream.

2.  Dead letter (অকার্যকর):

    :- Many British rules are now dead letters.

3.  Dog days (সবচেয়ে গরমের দিন, দুঃসময়):

    :- The dos days in Bangladesh are unbearable

4.  Draw the line (সীমা নির্ধারণ করা):

    :- We must draw the line at stealing.

5.  Dilly Dally (গড়িমসি করা):

    :- Don’t dilly dally your valuable time.

6. Eat humble pie (অপমান হজম করে ক্ষমা চাওয়া):

    :- At last the boss ate humble pie before the employees.

7. End in smoke (ব্যর্থ হওয়া):

    :- All my efforts ended in smoke.

8. Every now and again (মাঝে মাঝে):

    :- My uncle sees me every now and again. 


1. Face to face (সরাসরি):

    :- I prefer talking to people face to face to talking over phone.

2. Flesh and blood (রক্তমাংসের দেহ):

    :- How can a man of flesh and blood tolerate such ill treatment?

3. For good (চিরতরে):

    :- Our great leader left us for good.

4. From cradle to grave (দোলনা হতে কবর পর্যন্ত):

    :- Everyone learns something from cradle to grave.

5. From hand to mouth (কোনো রকমে):

    :- The poor live from hand to mouth.

6. Fight shy of (এড়িয়ে চলা):

    :-  The little girl always fights shy of me.

7. Fresh blood (অনভিজ্ঞ):

    :- Our office accepts fresh blood.

8. From A to Z (সম্পূর্ণরূপে):

    :- Kajol is an honest man from A to Z.

9. Fair Weather friends (সুসময়ের বন্ধু):

    :- We should two families for years. 


 1. Get by heart (মুখস্থ করা):

    :- she got the poem by heart.

2. Get rid of  ( মুক্তি পাওয়া):

    :-  Get rid of bad company.

3. Give a hand (সাহায্য করা):

    :-  If you give me a hand, I shall be able to finish more quickly.

4. Go to the dogs (গোল্লায় যাওয়া):

    :- Many teens are going to the dogs.

5. Go through (ভেতর দিয়ে গমন):

    :- He went through the market.

6. Give up (ত্যাগ করা):

    :-  You should give up smoking.

7. Gala day (উৎসবের দিন):

    :- Holy Eid is a gala day to the Muslims. 


1. Habeas corpus (বিনা বিচারে আটক না থাকার অধিকার):

    :- Habeas corpus should not be denied.

2. Hard up (অভাবগ্রস্ত):

    :- Please, lend me some money, I am hard up now.

3. Heart and soul (প্রাণপণে):

    :- He tried heart and soul bur could not pass.

4. Hold water (প্রমাণে টিকে থাকা):

    :- His excuse did not hold water at last.

5. Head and heart (বুদ্ধি ও হৃদয়ে):

    :- The old man is head and heart a wise man.

6. Hold good (প্রযোজ্য):

    :- This policy will not hold good here. 


1. In a fix (খারাপ অবস্থা):

    :- I am in a fix because I have lost my wallet.

2. In a body (একত্রে):

    :- They left the place in a body.

3. In cold blood (ঠাণ্ডা মাথায়):

    :- He committed the crime in cold blood.

4. In deep water (সমস্যাগ্রস্ত):

    :- I am in deep water now.

5. In good time (যথাসময়ে):

    :- You will know the truth in good time.

6. In high spirits (মহাখুশী):

    :- Today he is in high spirits.

7. In no time (শ্রীঘ্রই):

    :- I shall come back in no time.

8. In the long run (পরিণামে):

    :- The sinners suffer in the long run.

9. In vain (বৃথা):

    :- He shouted for help in vain. 


1. Keep an eye (নজর রাখা):

    :- Please keep an eye on the baby.

2. Kith and kin (আত্মীয়স্বজন):

    :- I have no kith and kin here. 


1. Look over (পরীক্ষা করা):

    :- The examiner is looking over the script.

2. Look into (তদন্ত করা):

    :- The police is looking into the case.

3. Look down upon (অবজ্ঞা করা):

    :- Don’t look down upon the poor.

4. Learn by heart (মুখস্থ করা):

    :- He learnt the poem by heart.

5. Let loose (বল্গাহীনভাবে ছেড়ে দেয়া):

    :- He let his horse loose in the field. 


1. Maiden speech (প্রথম বক্তৃতা ):

    :- My maiden speech fascinated all.

2. Make both ends meet (কোনো মতে জীবনধারণ করা):

    :- Now, the poor make both ends meet.

3. Make good (ক্ষতিপূরণ করা):

    :- You should try to make good for your loss.

4. Make hay while the sun shines (ঝোপ বুঝে কোপ মারা):

    :- Try to Make hay while the sun shines. 


1. Never to return (ফিরে আসার নয়):

    - The good days have gone never to return.

2. Nip in the bud ( অঙ্কুরে বিনষ্ট করা):

    - Bad habits should be nipped in the bud.

3. Now and then (মাঝে মাঝে):

    - He comes here now and then.

4. Null and void (বাতিল):

    - The rule is null and void now.


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